• Forest Carbon Project Development
  • Pre-Project Planning
  • Forest Carbon Inventory
  • Forest Carbon Management Plans
  • Carbon Modeling
  • Forest Carbon Economic Development & Feasibility Studies
  • Forest Carbon Market Access
  • Forest Carbon Appraisals

NCRM provides a unique service to clients interested in listing Greenhouse Gas reduction and carbon-offset projects.  Carbon sequestration is the process through which agricultural and forestry practices remove carbon (CO2) from the atmosphere.  Carbon sequestration has been proposed as a way to mitigate the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere released by the burning of fossil fuels.  California law AB32, the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, instituted mandatory policies that address global climate change through carbon sequestration.  NCRM provides carbon sequestration services through pioneering forestry management practices.  NCRM has highly specialized capabilities with regard to forest growth and yield modeling, calculation of biomass for carbon offset yields, and utilizing proprietary growth and yield model interfaces.