• Assess your current mapping situation
  • Develop and maintain a GIS
  • Data capture and development including digitizing, scanning & GPS
  • 3D Modeling & Photo Simulations
  • Recommendations for your purchases of hardware and software
  • Introductory training and technical assistance

GIS combines layers, or levels of information about a place giving you a better understanding of that place. GIS allows the user to define layers of related types of information depending upon your purpose. 

 A few of the numerous benefits of GIS are:

  1. Tools that support the decision making process, not merely an automatic decision system.
  2. Improve organization and resource management by sharing common data sets.
  3. Provide a visualization of concepts in the form of a map.

By entering basemap data (hydrography, physiography, boundaries, transportation, cultural features, and elevation), and then importing data from GPS into the GIS, resource managers have a powerful tool for analysis.