Jim Clark is President of North Coast Resource Management (NCRM, Inc.). NCRM provides a broad range of environmental services ranging from traditional forestry and land management to conservation based land management. Jim has been practicing forestry since 1992, and has been working on the development of both voluntary and compliance carbon offset projects on the North Coast of California since 2008. NCRM has developed nine Improved Forest Management carbon projects across one hundred and thirty thousand acres and brought over ten million carbon offsets to market.


Tom Smythe


Mr. Smythe has 35 years experience in forestry within northern California from timber faller and equipment operator to log buyer and lead Forester.  He is experienced in preparing and implementing Timber Harvest Plans, Non-Industrial Management Plans, timber inventories, timber appraisals, road assessments, Erosion Control Plans and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans. As a part of the preparation of those planning documents Mr. Smythe has conducted timber stand inventory cruises, stocking surveys, archaeological assessments, wildlife surveys and water quality monitoring. Mr. Smythe has supervised tractor, cable and helicopter logging operations, road construction, tree planting, seed cone collection and site preparation activities. Mr. Smythe has been a volunteer in all aspects of the fire services with the Long Valley Fire Department for over 30 years.


Stephanie Martin

Senior Project Manager
Wildlife Biologist

Stephanie Martin is an ecologist with extensive experience conducting research on sensitive wildlife across the United States. Since completing her graduate research on the northern spotted owl at Humboldt State, she has worked on multiple large-scale wildlife projects across the Sierra Nevada Mountains. She has worked on California and northern spotted owl projects across northern California and northern goshawks projects throughout the Sierra Nevada 

As a wildlife biologist Ms. Martin specializes in: spotted owl management, raptor surveys, nesting bird surveys, species-specific educational trainings, and overall biotic inventories. She prepares reports for and coordinates with state and federal agencies for the approval of environmental permits for development projects.

As a Project Manager Ms. Martin leads Biological Assessments for large and small projects requiring compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA), these projects include biotic inventories, timber harvesting, land conversion, and development plans/permits.  Ms. Martin’s experience includes conducting state and federal protocol special status species surveys, assisting on wetland delineations, and coordinating with state and federal agencies.

Brant Brooks

Forestry Tech

Mr. Brooks has worked as a logger, timber faller, tree planter and a roughneck on oil rig drilling crews. He also has experience in timber cruising, data collection, timber harvest plan layout, geographic positioning system (GPS) inventory and plot establishment. He has also assisted with supervising marking & inventory crews. 

Brant has been an asset to our organization with his useful legacy knowledge of Mendocino County.




Mr. Miller has over 30 years experience in forestry within northern California.  He is experienced in preparing and implementing Timber Harvest Plans, Non-Industrial Management Plans, timber inventories, timber appraisals, road assessments.

Mr. Miller conducts Hazard Tree Analysis and Vegetation Management for utility company assets and infrastructure along with coordinating and implementation of crews and subcontractors in the resolution of corrective actions.

He also informs and advises site contractors of proper use of Best Management Practices (BMPs) to use for site concerns.


Todd McMahon

Vice President

Mr. McMahon has over twenty years experience in forestry related land management services as a consulting forester and licensed timber operator.  Mr. McMahon received a Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry from Humboldt State University, Arcata, California. As a Registered Professional Forester he regularly prepares and administers Non-Industrial Timber Management Plans, Timber Harvest Plans, Timberland Conversion Permits, Erosion Control Plans, Streambed Alteration Permits, Forest Road Assessments, Harvest Analysis, Timber Cruises, Carbon Offset Projects, and Timber Valuations.&  

As a Project Manger Mr. McMahon represents large industrial and small landowners before local, State, and Federal regulatory agencies, has been an expert witness on forestry related matters before the Mendocino County Superior Court, and is responsible for the supervision of logging operations. This includes timber harvesting, silvicultural prescriptions, road construction, and reforestation as well as annual log marketing and sales for numerous timberland owners.  Mr. McMahon has performed timber and timberland appraisals – clients include conservation organizations and private landowners.  Reports are prepared independently, or in conjunction with other appraisers.  Mr. McMahon has worked as the Harvest Systems Specialist for a 200,000 acre industrial landowner and as a Licensed Timber Owner/Operator responsible for overall management of logging operations including supervising up to 50 employees.

Kevin J. Britton

GIS Analyst

Mr. Britton has over 28 years of professional GIS experience with the leading GIS software programs. He has provided map compilation and production utilizing a wide variety of software including: ESRI’s ArcGIS, Intergraph MGE, and Trimble GPS software, Surfer 8, MapInfo, Autodesk's AutoCad, AutoCad Map, AutoCad Land Development Desktop, Autodesk Survey and Autodesk Civil Design.  He also performs spatial analysis, modeling, and geo-processing for designing and producing effective maps, reports and other graphical data products. He is familiar with different levels of data capture thru digitizing and scanning, raster to vector conversion and Global Position System data acquisition with post processing.  

Mr. Britton has completed numerous mapping projects, most recently mapping a biologically diverse area of over 65,000 acres for a conservation project.  Maps are a visual means of communication. Mr. Britton helps NCRM navigate the maze of graphic design, font and color choices, data quality issues, scales and projections to create a design that is clear accurate and is fine-tuned for any output medium.

Randy Addison

Forestry Tech




ar accounts manager




Mr. Willaert has a broad background in wildlife biology, biology surveys/reports,  in addition to wildlife education.


Alex Herr

Forestry Tech

Alex Herr is a Forestry Tech and Stewardship Project Planner for NCRM. With an extensive background working outdoors on a variety of resources based projects, Alex brings his field experience to multiple land and forestry projects. With previous experience in carpentry and other elements of construction, Alex works on implementing many of the on the ground projects for NCRM. Alex pushes forward in all he does without wasting energy; he is eternally optimistic and genuinely open-minded, and these qualities combine with a quick and agile mind.

When not cruising around timber land or administering project crews, you most likely can find Alex kayaking on numerous creeks and rivers in California.



Estelle Clifton

Operations manager forester-Botanist

Estelle P. Clifton is a Registered Professional Forester with 10 years professional forestry, botany, and environmental planning experience. 

As a Planner, Ms. Clifton prepares and coordinates, with state and federal agencies (CDFW, USACOE, WQ, NMFS), the approval of environmental permits for various projects.  

As a Biologist Ms. Clifton leads biological assessments for large and small projects requiring compliance with CEQA and NEPA, these projects include land use development, timber harvesting, land conversion, minor and major subdivisions.

As a licensed Forester Ms. Clifton specializes in: preparation of Timber Harvest Plans, Non-Industrial Timber Management Plans, Erosion Control Plans, interacting with regulatory agencies, overseeing and implementing timber harvests, silvicultural prescriptions, road construction, reforestation, timber cruising and design.

Justin Coffman

Forester, Hydrologist-Erosion Control Specialist-SWPPP Monitor

Mr. Coffman received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Forestry and Forest Hydrology from Humboldt State University, Arcata, California in 2009.  He has been performing Stormwater Monitoring since 2011. As a Stormwater Monitor, Mr. Coffman regularly advises contractors of Best Management Practices(BMP) for site concerns, on large and small projects.  Mr. Coffman is a Qualified SWPPP Developer, Certified Professional in Sediment and Erosion Control, Registered Professional Forester (#3024), Certified Arborist, and a Professional Hydrologist – In Training.

Jennifer Bartolomei

Biologist Team Lead

Ms. Bartolomei received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Wildlife Management from Humboldt State University, Arcata, California in 1999.  She has been performing Northern Spotted Owl (NSO) and biological evaluation work since 1999 (10+ years).  As a Consulting Biologist, Ms. Bartolomei regularly provides NSO Consultations, for large and small projects; Biological Assessments for CEQA and NEPA compliance of timber harvesting, land conversion, and development plans/permits. Ms. Bartolomei has been certified through the California Department of Fish & Game (CDFG) and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) to prepare NSO Consultations and acquire USF&WS Technical Assistance. 

Ms. Bartolomei is experienced in preparing environmental documentation for the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) compliance at the City, County, State, and Federal levels; while providing assessments with the appropriate natural resource protection recommendations.  This includes fulfilling the legal requirements associated with Environmental Impact Reports, Timber Harvest Plans, Timberland Conversion Permits, and various agricultural and/or development permits. 

Ms. Bartolomei assists with Private Lands Wildlife Management Program (PLMP) project planning and implementation.  NCRM provides private landowners with wildlife resource management assessment, administration and implementation of wildlife habitat enhancement projects.  Ms. Bartolomei is proficient at utilizing topographic maps, aerial photographs, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications to create and maintain job-specific ArcView / ArcMap projects.  She has knowledge of, and access to, a variety of agency maintained natural resource and biological data sets, including Biogeographic Information & Observation System (BIOS), California Natural Diversity Data Base (CNDDB), and the California Wildlife Habitat Relationships (CWHR) program.  Ms. Bartolomei regularly conducts sensitive wildlife species protocol and general presence/absence surveys; species include the northern spotted owl, peregrine falcon, red-legged frog, foothill yellow-legged frog, & Point Arena mountain beaver.  She has over 12 years experience in the identification of resident and migratory wildlife species of California.  She can also provide terrestrial and aquatic wildlife habitat delineations and/or assessments.


Forestry Tech


Project Coordinator
Botanist, ISA Certified Arborist (WE-10589A)

Ms. McMahon is experienced conducting urban tree inventory and health analysis.  Ms. McMahon frequently conducts Hazard Tree Analysis and Vegetation Management for utility company assets and infrastructure.  She also conducts botanical surveys for development and forest management projects.